Vancouver’s SOLEGEAR Bioplastics announces new, innovative plastic

It’s been four years in the making.

Intensive research and development. Chemical engineers and scientists from around the globe. And now it’s here: SOLEGEAR Bioplastic‘s new product, “Polysole.”

According to Vancouver’s SOLEGEAR, Polysole is a “100% natural bioplastic that can biodegrade within weeks after disposal. While plastic bags, food packaging and cup liners are a huge step in the right direction, Polysole is an engineered, high performance plastic designed for use in the automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.” SOLEGEAR worked with the University of British Columbia and the National Research Council of Canada to create the product.

“It’s immensely rewarding to have achieved this milestone”, said Toby Reid, the Founder and President of SOLEGEAR. “Four years, scientists from Iran, Greece, Africa, Canada and other countries, as well as the increasing demands of companies we now consider prospective customers. It’s an exciting time.”

SOLEGEAR is competing in the 2010 New Ventures BC Competition and has made it through to Round 3.