Vancouver’s Suite101 publishes 500 articles per day

Great article on ReadWriteWeb today by Richard MacManus about Vancouver’s titled Content Farms 101: Why Suite101 Publishes 500 Articles a Day.

When it comes to content farms, companies that churn out hundreds or thousands of new pieces of content every day, Demand Media has harvested most of the headlines over the past year. But it’s not the only company out there betting on quantity of content – others include Associated Content (acquired by Yahoo! in May), (owned by the New York Times), Mahalo (founded by Jason Calacanis, who sold his previous business Weblogs, Inc. to AOL in 2005) and

Suite101 is a relatively low profile site compared to the others mentioned above. Yet it produces 500 new pieces of content per day. I spoke to Suite101 CEO Peter Berger to discuss why it produces so much content, how it compares to Demand Media, and what Google is doing about content farms. is a perennial leader on the PEER 1 Canada Startup Index and MacManus’ interview with Berger reveals a lot about their publishing platform which hosts 5,000 active writers, four different language sites, and 24 million unique visitors a month.