Vancouver’s Tagga Media collabs with Sunkist Growers on mobile project

taggaVancouver-based Tagga Media‘s mobile platform is the technology driving Sunkist Growers’ new mobile marketing campaign in coordination with OneMediaGroup.

“People are leading busy, active lifestyles, and gathering information on-the-go through their mobile devices has become an important part of completing their daily activities,” comments Stacey Larson, President of OneMediaGroup. “Consumers are using their mobile phones to not only organize their day but to locate stores, save money with mobile coupons and find solutions for tonight’s dinner recipe.”

How does the mobile marketing tactic work? Through engagement: Onpack and in-store signage encourages shoppers to text a keyword to a short code to receive usage ideas, recipes, nutrition information and storage/handling suggestions in relation to Sunkist products. Sunkist has also allowed consumers to enter sweepstakes using this same technology and plans to expand usage to incorporate PR and advertising efforts. The program also gives subscribers the option to receive additional product offers and information via email or mobile updates.

“Adopting a mobile strategy seemed like the next logical step in our efforts to get closer to consumers and interact with them while they are making their purchase decisions”, says Julie DeWolf, Sunkist’s Director of Retail Marketing. “Our goal is to give shoppers more reasons to buy Sunkist citrus and teach them about the varieties that may still be foreign to them, such as Cara Cara Navels or Minneola tangelos. The instant gratification and information that mobile marketing provides is an important part of that process.”

“It is important for brands to understand how consumers are using their mobile phones in the shopping process when crafting a mobile strategy,” notes Tagga Media CEO Amielle Lake. “For example, consumer research shows that many shoppers prefer mobile coupons and that smartphone owners rely heavily on the mobile web to research and compare products when browsing in-store.”