Vancouver’s Techneos sees value in Google’s open Android platform

techneosVancouver-based Techneos today announced expanded support for Android, which will now include multimedia capabilities such as photo capture and location-based services. Founded in 1995, Techneos provides mobile survey, customer, and enterprise services to Fortune 500 firms, global market research organizations, government and academic institutions.

The Canadian company believes Android is “poised for dominance.”

With momentum for Android undeniable, Techneos was resolute in enabling support. According to Gartner, a leading global informationtechnology research and advisory company, “[c]ommunication service providers’ (CSPs’) marketing andvendor support for Android-based smartphones will drive the platform to become the second-larges tplatform, following Symbian, by year-end 2010.”

On-device applications are proving to be more valuable for researchers and marketers than other mobile alternatives. Apps allow for an enhanced respondent experience and take advantage of devices’ capabilities and power. Mobile apps open up the opportunity for multimedia questions and features such as photo and GPS location-based capture, and more. As opposed to web surveys, an Android application utilizes the device’s native processing power so that end users experience no lag time, evenwhen participating in the most complex insight programs and mobile surveys.

“The Android platform will be an extremely flexible cost effective alternative for our customers who wish to implement our SODA solution for face-to-face interviews, digital ethnographies or self-complete panel studies,” said Dave King, chief executive officer of Techneos. “With Android’s growing prominence, this new edition will provide researchers with unprecedented access to mobile audiences.”