Vancouver’s top Twitterers close in on John Chow

Vancouver’s own John Chow is king of the heap for local Twitterers, according to a breakdown by location of the top 100 Vancouver twitterers. And that makes sense, given that Chow writes about money and how to make it on the Internet. It follows that he has an interested, engaged crowd following his every move on Twitter. But take a closer look at some of the numbers, and you’ll see that common sense and Twitter rank have little to do with each other. 

For instance, why is Lainey only at #21? Besides money, sex and gossip top the list of things to waste your time looking at on the Internet, and yet popular gossip blogger Elaine “Lainey” Lui, who has a worldwide following and an old-media presence on E! should be much higher up the list. Rebecca Bollwitt, aka Miss 604, is on the list, but she’s at #16, which I find surprising given the sheer volume of Vancouver-centric content she produces on a daily basis.

But how much does Twitter output matter, anyway? I follow quite a few of the Vancouverites on this list, and some of them barely tweet, or do so in sporadic bursts. Others, like compulsive over-Twitterer and discussion starter Buzz Bishop, is down at #65, which seems low given his asembly-line level Twittering. And where’s former Techvibes writer and amusing left-wing malcontent @GregEh? Eh?

But it’s likely the same for any Twitter demographic. After all, Twitter is a great way to reach people directly, build a community, gain insight into other people’s thinking processes… and yet the inane ramblings of a B-list actor managed to gain a million followers in record time. The whole situation reminds me of William Goldman’s famous statement regarding Hollywood; “nobody knows ”