Vancouver’s URL Shorteners continue to make headlines

Vancouver’s has been all over the news over the last nine days. They were selling the URL shortener… then they weren’t… and now they’re going open source.

In the midst of all the controversy, Royal Pingdom decided to contact a test over the past 30 days to put nine URL shortening services through their paces. After all, you want more than just brevity in a URL shortener – speed and reliability are also important factors.

Well, it turns out that isn’t even the best URL shortener hailing from Vancouver. Pingdom tested two things: the average time it took each service to load a page (overhead) and its uptime. The fastest service was actually (with an average load time of 163 milliseconds), followed by (261 milliseconds) and in third was Vancouver’s (289 milliseconds). ended up being the third slowest and losing out to for uptime as well. When both the reliability and speed rankings are combined, and tied for first place overall.