Vancouver’s Village&Co. collabs with Bayshore to bring grandparents’ stories to life through social media

Vancouver media agency Village&Co. is helping Bayshore Home Health’s Vancouver division breathe new life into the stories of our grandparents through social media.

Before They Were Grandparents, an integrated initiative, began on July 8th, 2011 with a live, intergenerational storytelling event that also served as the launch for the online component; a storytelling Tumblr site titled Both the live events and the Tumblr site are ongoing and to highlight their initial successes, Village&Co. and Bayshore Home Health released an online video, which can be viewed on the site.

“For us it was clear from the very beginning that the amplification abilities of social media and the storytelling prowess of grandparents would be a perfect pairing,” said Justin Young, Creative Director of Village&Co. “It was from that inherent connection between the two that the concept of ‘Before They Were Grandparents’ came to life.”

“To truly capitalize on the connection between social media and intergenerational storytelling we chose to utilize the micro-blogging platform Tumblr to create,” continued Justin. “The open nature of the platform and the built-in active community that is a part of Tumblr has helped us make social media storytelling easy and accessible to people across all generations.”

Village&Co. has designed the Tumblr site to serve as a living, breathing archive of stories that brings to light who our grandparents were before they became the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families.

“At Bayshore Home Health, we are so fortunate to have our clients share their stories with us on a regular basis,“ said Chris Clark, Vancouver Area Director for Bayshore Home Health. “We wanted to share that history with the rest of our community members, and doing so through social media has not only helped us to preserve these stories, but also has given them extended life in the digital world.” welcomes people to share stories, photos, videos and quotes with their own take on the caption, “Before they were grandparents, they were…” For anyone interested in participating in this unique project, submissions are accepted via email at, or they can be submitted online.