Vancouver’s Village&Co Expands, Relocates

After recently celebrating its first birthday, Vancouver social media agency Village&Co has decided to relocate due to expansion. Moving to the city’s oldest residential neighbourhood, Strathcona, the Vancouver startup is leaving its Commercial Drive office.

“When designing the space, we wanted to keep it modern and simple, but completely functional as well”, says Justin Young, Creative Director of Village&Co. “Establishing an open, modular space with the influence of the natural elements of our region has created a relaxed yet professional environment. Our working relationships are collaborative and friendly, so having an old fashioned boardroom wouldn’t fit our style.”

“Our business is growing at a very fast rate,” says Nora Ahern, Managing Director. “We not only needed a space to grow, but a space where we can thrive. Having an inspiring and enjoyable work environment is a fundamental part of our philosophy and considers the fact that we are social by nature.”

Village&Co opted for a ground-level, storefront space this time, to better reflect the firm’s “connection to community and collaborative spirit” and allowing it to function not only as an office, but also as a “centre for innovative social and cultural programming.”