Vancouver’s VRX Studios Leverages the Cloud to Rebuild Business and Expand

Earlier today, we reported that the cloud will help create 70,000 new jobs across Canada over the next three years. Vancouver will be a leader in this growth, boasting 6,000 new cloud-related jobs by 2015.

One local success story courtesy of the cloud is VRX Studios, a full-service photography and content management company specializing in the hotel space. For a decade, VRX’s home-grown digital asset management system served it well—but eventually, it could no longer support the expanding company’s growth.

VRX was in a pickle. It needed a highly scalable, enterprise-class solution to meet the needs of 10,000 hotel customers worldwide and a whopping 20 terabytes of data. Enter the cloud. 

“We knew we needed to build a system that was 100 per cent cloud-based in order to eliminate the enormous capital expenses that would be required to launch a global solution and to reduce operating costs to a small fraction of what an on-premises or collocated system would,” says David MacLaren, President and CEO, VRX Studios. “Using Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform, we developed the first 100 per cent cloud-based digital asset management system to improve our content production, licensing and distribution business.  Since building the core system, we’ve branded it MediaValet and now offer the solution as a stand-alone SaaS product, providing cloud-based digital asset management services to companies of all sizes, industries and locations. Due to the demand that we’re seeing for this new product, we expect MediaValet to surpass the success of VRX Studios within the next few years.” 

“Taking advantage of Windows Azure’s global infrastructure, scalability and flexibility, David and his team have focused all their efforts on developing a first-class Cloud application,” Kim Akers, general manager for global ISV partners at Microsoft, said last year.  “MediaValet has truly embraced all that Windows Azure offers to help them deliver a Cloud-based digital asset management system that has enormous potential for customers in a wide range of industries.”