Vancouver’s Wantsa Delivers What Your Want

As Rob mentioned yesterday, there were several local companies that were announced to demo and participate in LPV7. One of those companies is Wantsa, whose Director of Social Media, Colleen Coplick, was named as one of the finalists for Individual Stand Out: Social Media at this year’s PopVox Awards.  Not only that, the company is buzzing, since they just launched their Facebook App. 

So what is Wantsa? Well, the site has a lot of information to digest at first because it can be many things to many people, depending on what you’re into.  The site brings together people, businesses, social causes and social networks and uses technology to connect all these things together to raise money and creative a more positive world. In essence, (I think) it makes a socially conscious use of online social networks, connections you have online and actions you perform.

When I “tried” to sign-in to the site, I had to indicate whether or not I was a business or charity.  So, I clicked business.  (I do have one, but it seems individuals can’t create a profile, although there is a personal stream that you do have once you’re in.)  It was a lengthy form submission process and at the end the site couldn’t log me in or register me.  However, it seems that you can only sign-in and create an account if you are a business, social network or a cause. 

Once you’re in, you can: recommend people and business by tagging them, receive a stream of discounts, coupons, incentives and deal tips and recommendations from other users and from causes you care about, search relevant information about causes, products and people you care about and from social networks you’re involved with, and select a cause that eventually your actions will cause revenue to flow to. With a lot of ways to refer business, generate revenue and become a partner, it’s a bit large to figure out for a first time user, but the fact that the message is positive is really great news for those who ready to engage their business and online networks to make a difference.