Vancouver’s Your Tribute launches service, Tributes, immortalizing significant events

Your Tribute has just announced its official relaunch—as well as expansion into the special events markets today.

The company’s name, Your Tribute, is the same, and so is the CEO, the amiable Jason Ropchan, who I had the pleasure of connecting with at the last Launch Party Vancouver. But Jason says that’s all that’s remained the same: the brand, website, and vision have been re-imagined and reinvented. Once limited to memorials, Your Tribute will now offer Tribute websites for many other events, including weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations.

So, you may be asking, What’s a “Tribute?” It’s relatively simple. A Tribute is a personal, event-based website. It combines the features of popular online invitation, photo sharing, blogging, and social networking and let you harness their powers, via a user-friendly interface, to create immortalized tributes to life’s significant events. A Tribute provides friends and family a safe and secure environment where they can connect and collaborate on the event. Moreover, the Tribute website will remain online for life to preserve important memories and provide an everlasting record of the special occasion.

Your Tribute was featured on Mashable this week as a Spark of Genius, and it’s little wonder—the company brings a simple, but unique and creative angle to managing events and then immortalizing them online.

“Until now, no single online destination existed for friends and families to create personal websites to celebrate more than one significant event,” said Jason Ropchan, Your Tribute CEO. “With Your Tribute, users can now manage multiple websites for their events from a single location. A Tribute enables users to send online invitations, share photographs, receive guestbook messages and more; all while being confident that their important memories will remain online for life to continue to view year after year.”


Tribute creation happens in four main steps: First, choose a design theme and personal URL. Then, enter some details, such as location, welcome message, etc. Third, tweak the settings, such as privacy, and select additional administrators to help you manage the tribute. Finally, finish up as a free tribute, or supercharge your tribute with Premium for a one-time fee.

After creating a Tribute, users can customize it by writing the story and adding personalized notes. They can add multiple events and send online invitations with RSVP. Photos and videos can be uploaded. Users can easily share the website with friends and family by email and through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. When visiting the Tribute, friends and family can contribute their own photos and videos, send virtual gifts, post guestbook messages and leave comments. The “Recent Tribute Activity” feed on the Tribute homepage, as well as email notifications, keep friends and family up-to-date on all Tribute activity. Your Tribute users can create an unlimited number of free Tribute websites.