VANTOS automates investigation management

Wrapping up the session on Productivity Tools & Platforms is investigation management leader VANTOS. VANTOS VP Marketing Raju Dodhiawala opened his presentation by asking attendees if they have every been hit by fraud.

Are you a stakeholder in your enterprise’s investigations? Are you involved in identifying, investigating, managing, litigating or reporting on your organization’s physical or digital fraud and misconduct? If so, V-Flex is the only Comprehensive System of Record that automates investigations, helping eliminate backlog, manage complexity and streamline investigative processes so enterprises can take a proactive stance at reducing risk and protect brand and reputation. Based on your role in your organization’s investigations, find out how VANTOS can help drive the right outcomes for you.

VANTOS’ comprehensive V-Flex product automates internal investigations enabling enterprises to compress time, reduce risk exposure and save money and can be used for everything from theft of assets, insider trading, employee misconduct, background check, and sexual harassment.

VANTOS customers include blue-chip customers like eBay, Time Warner Cable, and Qualcomm. VANTOS raised a Series B round which closed in April 2008 and included OVP, Outlook Partners, and Fluke Venture Partners.