VEF hosts Venture Capital Outlook 2010

The Vancouver Enterprise Forum is presenting a panel discussion on the outlook for venture capital financing in 2010 on January 26th.

After a couple of quarters of reduced investing, the VC market in BC has some good news with new funds being introduced and new partners for the BC Renaissance Fund.

Is the economic crisis affecting the technology sector and venture capital financing or are recent exits in the US a sign that the market is turning around? But against this backdrop, everyone knows that great companies and great returns emerge from troubled financial times.

Is the venture capital market poised to rebound? Are angels going to be more active? What can companies do to increase their chance of raising money? What creative financing strategies are emerging on both sides of the border?

The evening session will be moderated by Andrew Lugsdin of BDC Venture Capital and panelists include John Albright of JLA Ventures, Ping Li of Accel Partners, and Mike Walkinshaw of Chrysalix.

The event takes place at the Vancity Theatre and advance tickets are $45 each.

As always, if you have an important message to share with the technology community, consider applying for a 100-second lightning pitch.