VEF looks to gain Momentum with Young Entrepreneurs

The Vancouver Enterprise Forum’s (VEF) mission is to advance technology entrepreneurship through networking forums that educate and motivate. They’ve been doing it for years through monthly networking events that are paired with informational presentations targeted to the technology community. As a not-for-profit society VEF is supported by its sponsors, its members, event attendees and volunteers.

Word on the street is that the VEF is in search of a way to connect and educate with the next generation of young entrepreneurs and I had a chance to meet a couple of the drivers behind the VEF’s newest initiative – VEF Momentum.

Na’im Merchant and Kerry Liu are both by-products of Enterprize – one of the largest entrepreneurial student-led conferences in the world and their mandate is to inject a little youthful enthusiasm into the staid VEF. How are they going to do that?  Content that builds community and is relevant to first-time entrepreneurs and events that are open, accessible and conducive to networking and peer-mentorship.

Look out for the launch of their new site next week and their inaugural networking event in September.