Venture Acceleration Program Helps BC Startups Generate 400 Jobs

The BC Innovation Council (BCIC) announced yesterday that the BC Venture Acceleration Program has supported the growth of more than 140 startups across the province.

The structured venture growth program launched by BCIC in September 2012 shared the following impressive results since the Venture Acceleration Program was introduced last year:

  • 143 companies have been involved with the program
  • 396 jobs have been created
  • $4.4 million in revenue has been generated
  • $25+ million in investment has been attracted
  • 24 Executives in Residence (EIRs) provide one-on-one coaching to each company, supported by 75 volunteer Mentors

The program is delivered by 10 partners across the province of BC.

“These positive job creation and investment results highlight the great work BCIC has done over the past year to strengthen BC’s economy through the Venture Acceleration Program,” said Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services Andrew Wilkinson.

“Government will continue to support BCIC in its role in helping BC’s startup tech companies develop and commercialize their ideas, in turn creating jobs for families and spurring economic development across the province,” he added.

“We are pleased to see the Venture Acceleration Program is truly accelerating the growth of tech startups across the province,” said Dean Prelazzi, Managing Director of the BC Acceleration Network. “We are helping innovations and ideas become viable businesses, and helping to build the BC economy.”