Venture Analysis – Access Your Startup’s Feasibility and Fundability

This post is an enthusiastic endorsement of a new service for entrepreneurs called a “Venture Analysis”.

I run an angel fund, belong to three angel groups, blog about angel investing and am an Entrepreneur in Residence at Simon Fraser University. As you can imagine, I meet a lot of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and see way too many business plans.

The entrepreneurs in most new ventures need some type of help. I often feel like I could clone myself a dozen times and still not have enough space in my calendar to help the entrepreneurs in the ventures I am personally excited about. Unfortunately, I can’t clone myself and I already have a good sized portfolio. So I do my best to make introductions and connect entrepreneurs to people who are knowledgeable in the areas they need help.

Several times a week, I wish there were more places I could send promising entrepreneurs for assistance with their very early ventures. My dilemma is that I know how much help the entrepreneurs need. I also know they don’t have much money. 

There are legions of consultants who work with young companies. Some are truly excellent. None that are good are inexpensive. (Anybody that actually adds significant value to an organization deserves to be fairly compensated.)

In many cases, a little help in the formative stages can literally make the difference between failure and huge success.  This early input can be the most valuable because it can affect the corporate DNA and influence the development of the business plan when it matters the most.

This post is about an excellent new resource for entrepreneurs at the seed and start-up phase offered by Bill Payne.

Bill is probably America’s leading angel educator. I’ve been through a dozen full, or half day, sessions that Bill has taught. All were excellent.

At the Angel Capital Association meeting in Atlanta in April, Bill received the very prestigious Hans Severiens Award – the highest award that I know of for Angel Investors. Bill is certainly one of the most knowledgeable and experienced angels in the world.

Bill’s new Venture Analysis helps entrepreneurs “appraise the feasibility and fundability of new venture ideas.” You can read all about it here.

I think Bill charges far too little for this input – the Venture Analysis only costs $250. I think its worth much more and for some entrepreneurs Bill’s early input will be worth millions.

Bill’s not paying me anything to write this. I am doing it because I know Bill and I think he can make a big difference for a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs.

I’d appreciate hearing what you think of Bill’s Venture Analysis – whether you’ve used it or not. Please leave a comment below or email me privately.

Much of my day is invested in helping entrepreneurs. If you come across similarly excellent resources please send me a link.