VentureAlberta’s BaseCamp and Summit program

VentureAlberta is hosting an event in Calgary, this weekend and in Edmonton, June 25 to 27. If you are an entrepreneur or someone who is thinking about making the leap towards being called one, VentureAlberta has some advice for you. Their BaseCamp event will help guide you through the basics of what you need to get rolling. The event is billed as a practical “how to” rather than a high level “what to do” weekend.

At BaseCamp, Randy Thompson talk to you for three days about what they want to see in the companies that come to them or to angel groups. On the third day, you can pitch the angels, plus 50 other business professionals that have already committed to providing you a free 10 hours of hands on mentoring in the area your start up needs the most help.

You will leave BaseCamp with:

  • An Investor Deck
  • An Understanding of Investor Terms, Concepts and an Understanding of Your Plan
  • A Valuation for your Company or idea
  • A workplan of what is missing in your opportunity, provided to you by angel investors
  • A chance to present at the VentureAlberta Angel Forum

As there are only 15 spots available for each event, check out the info right away