Vericorder slims down field recording

Gary Symons, former CBC journalist and the CEO of Vericorder, was on hand at the 24th Angel Forum at the SFU Harbour Centre today promoting his vision of a truly portable, rugged and wireless field recorder for audio recording. Vericorder’s product is a portable device that integrates with an ordinary cell phone, making it completely portable, and costs only $500, contrasting with expensive, bulky field kits currently in use that cost upwards of $5,000.

The device will also encrypt raw audio (using a system called TRAC, or True Audio Redoring) so it can’t be tampered with avoiding legal problems. However, the device will be able to edit whil ein the field, as well as post audio. Besides broadcasters, Vericorder is targeting podcasters, freelancers, and citizen journalists with their basic recorder, priced at $250. The professional version will be available on the Blackberry and the iPhone through app stores.