Verrus parks itself in Aspen

In May 2008, Vancouver’s Verrus Mobile Technologies launched their pay-by-phone parking service in the City of Miami and they’re at it again launching in Aspen, Colorado this week. Miami was the first major US city to offer on street pay-by-phone parking citywide.

It seems Aspen has always been on the forefront of pay parking technology though. Since 1995, more than 30,000 in-car meters have been distributed in the city. The programmed devices are leased by individuals who pre-pay for parking time. Users turn the unit on and hang it from their rear-view mirror as an alternative to physically paying at the on-street pay stations.

With the in-car devices no longer being manufactured, Aspen’s City Council was in need of a new solution and turned to Verrus to solve the problem.

Since 2001, the pay-by-phone systems offered by Verrus Mobile Technologies have become available in more than 90 communities throughout North America and Europe, making it the most widely used pay-by-phone system.