Victoria’s Checkfront to spend 48 hours in the Valley with C100

From May 18th to 20th, C100 is hosting a spring mentoring event called 48 hours in the Valley. 20 hand-picked Canadian start-ups will receive invaluable mentoring and networking opportunities. Techvibes is profiling a few of them. To start: Victoria, BC’s Checkfront Inc.

Checkfront is, according to their website, “an emerging leader in next generation booking management systems.” It was founded in 2008, and strives “to build smart, intuitive and powerful applications that help organizations better manage their services on-line.”

Checkfront is pleased to be a part of the event. “We really like the concept of the C100,” says Jason Morehouse, Co-Founder of Checkfront, over email with Techvibes. “48 hours in the Valley will give us the opportunity to connect with some of the companies down there and hopefully build some long term relationships.” He adds, “we’d be happy just to come out of it with some sound advice.”

Sound advice is likely what they’ll get, but Jason and his team are rushing to get things done in time. “Our product has only been out of beta for a couple of weeks,” he says.

This hasn’t given Checkfront lot of time to prepare for the event, but Jason says “we’ll give it our best shot.” He adds that they’ve  had great feedback so far, “and really just want to explore ways to grow the business and improve our product.”