Victoria’s Coredova is looking for Beta testers

Victoria’s Coredova has launched their new software productivity tool and are looking for beta testers.

Coredova is software that lets you directly and securely send people files without cluttering their inbox. Simply create a portfolio of files or links you want to send, and then invite others to view your portfolio. Once someone accepts your invitation and downloads the Coredova app, they can easily access your files or links within a couple clicks from their desktop.

In addition, any time you make a change to a file in your portfolio, that update is automatically pushed to everyone you have invited as soon as you publish your changes. This ensures that everyone will always be using the most current information and you don’t have to worry about people referring to the wrong version.

Coredova is looking for a keen group who are interested in beta testing their new product. In return you’ll get full use of the software for free and the promise that they will value your feedback as they continue to improve the product.

If you are interested, sign up here to receive your free beta account. Be quick as Coredova is only looking for a small select group of beta users, so the offer will only be extended to the first 50 people who sign up between March 22nd and April 2nd.