Victoria’s Locarna Systems to spend 48 hours in the Valley with C100

From May 18th to 20th, C100 is hosting a spring mentoring event called 48 hours in the Valley. 20 hand-picked Canadian start-ups will receive invaluable mentoring and networking opportunities. Techvibes is profiling a few of them. Our second profile: Victoria, BC’s Locarna Systems Inc.

“What are you looking at? We can tell.”

Locarna Systems, Inc. provides mobile eye-tracking solutions for market, industrial, and academic researchers so they can understand what people are actually looking at.  Market researchers want to use eye tracking to discern and optimize consumer behavior, to help manufacturers and retailers of consumer packaged goods, big-ticket items, menus, etc. make actionable business decisions.

Co-Founder, Dr. Colin Swindells, and CEO, Dr. Dan Pitt, will be actively participating in 48 Hours in Silicon Valley. (They will also be setting up incubation space within the Consulate General of Canada’s Canadian Technology Accelerator at the Sunnyvale, CA Plug & Play Tech Center on June 15.)

Locarna’s goal for the event is to utilize the knowledge they gain and connections they develop to expand its growth in the market research segment.  Locarna will be participating in the many mentorship and networking opportunities and then brainstorm ways to leverage its experiences with early clients such as Informed Decisions Group (IDG).  

IDG is a comprehensive research consulting firm based in Ohio, USA, and uses their consumer psychology expertise to inform market research designs for clients such as Procter & Gamble and Newell-Rubbermaid.  Recently, IDG’s team set up their Locarna PT Mini eye tracker in the front of a sample client grocery store, recruited 30 participants, and asked each participant to conduct their shopping visit while wearing a Locarna eye tracker.  The results showed that participants paid almost no visual attention to the new signs, and the new signs had minimal impact on purchasing behaviours.