Videotron added over 800 employees in 2010

Videotron released some impressive numbers last week about jobs at the company in 2010 — namely, that they created over 800 of them.

The Quebec telecom giant hired 827 new employees last year to bring their total staff numbers above the 6,000 mark. Of those 6,000, over 4,000 were hired in the past 10 years as Videotron grew their mobile network by $1 billion over that time.

Those 827 new hires exceeded Videotron’s projections for hiring in 2010 by 230 positions.

“The challenges associated with our move into mobile services in 2010 are a good example of our dynamic working environment. Videotron is also a growing company that offers a broad range of career opportunities in all parts of Québec. Our employees truly are on the front lines of the tech revolution,” said Videotron CEO and President Robert Dépatie, in a press release. “Today, we can say that Videotron has … become an employer of choice for Quebecers.”

Videotron is still hiring engineering, network operations and management, installation, sales, marketing, IT and customer service staff in 2011. To find out more about opportunities at Videotron, click here.