Vidéotron reportedly launching wireless cellphone network later this week

VideotronIt is being reported that Vidéotron plans to launch its wireless cellphone network this Thursday. 

Back in the summer of 2008, the Quebecor subsidiary purchased 17 operating licenses in the auction for Advanced Wireless Services for approximately $550 million. Other big players that acquired available spectrum at that time were Rogers, Telus and Bell. However, the Big Three only managed to purchase a combined 41 per cent of the spectrum available, while Vidéotron purchased 36 per cent on its own. 

Testing of Vidéotron’s mobile network began in early-2010 and the company stressed at that time that it will take the necessary steps to ensure that the high service delivery that Vidéotron customers are used to will be maintained. 

As of now, Vidéotron has not posted an official announcement, but the company does have information on its wireless services (handsets, wireless packages, optional services, and coverage and roaming) on its wireless division’s homepage. However, it is expected that this information might change once it officially announces its launch this week.