Videotron to create 600 new jobs in 2010

Quebec telecommunications company Videotron (a subsidiary of Quebecor) aims to grow the company’s workforce by 600 people.

New hires are expected in all departments, though according the a press release, most new positions will be in IT, engineering, tech support, customer service, network construction and maintenance and sales.

Since announcing a new wireless network in 2008, Videotron has added 600 new employees. Adding in the projected new hires, by the end of 2010, the workplace will have been expanded by 1,200.

“For more than six years, Videotron has been posting sustained business growth, which has translated into hundreds of new jobs per year,” said Videotron CEO Robert Dépatie in the press release. “The size of our workforce has almost doubled to 4,600 as of December 31, 2009. We are very proud of the contribution we are making to Québec’s economic development by investing in the local labour force.”

Videotron provides cable television, cable Internet, as well as landline and wireless phone service in Quebec.

According to the press release, Videotron will be seeking candidates with specialized backgrounds in telecommunication engineering, IP network and programming analysis as well as general positions in sales kiosks and customer service.