Vidoop begins third year with Portland office buildout

VidoopVidoop, the company that promises to make your logins more secure by eliminating traditional passwords, recently announced the second anniversary of their founding with some sound advice for startups:

A bit of advice I’ll share to any one else thinking about building a web startup is don’t be afraid to stick your foot in places it doesn’t belong. Sometimes you end up sticking it in your mouth, but other times it gets you into doors that present opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. It’s true that it’s hard to get large corporations and internet giants to pay attention when your name isn’t all over main stream media, but if your technology speaks for itself, they’ll listen.

What else is Vidoop doing to celebrate? Beginning their Portland office build-out.

Portland’s Scott Kveton has already been working for the company for a few months. But, now they’re beginning to secure office space in Old Town. Which may mean hiring on the horizon.