Victoria’s VidTime Online Launches Live Streaming Platform

VidTime Online is an online event broadcasting company founded by Jason Potter, an online video expert who’s been active in this industry since 2005.

The company publicly launched in May and provides a channel for entertainers and educators to directly connect with their audiences in real time. Performances, workshops, conferences, and more can be easily broadcast through VidTime Online with viewers from any location being able to connect to the live event via the internet. Potter aims to develop VidTime to fill the gap in the live streaming market with innovative and effective technology.

Online live event broadcasting is appealing in a number of ways to a wide range of people. It’s a modern experience for viewers who can use it to cut back on travel costs and save money on tickets while still attending a show or performance, (even those that have sold out!).

The fact that it’s free to promote and perform an event live on VidTime is an attractive option for broadcasters as well. It provides performers with the opportunity to connect to a much wider audience, especially if their reach would be much more limited otherwise.

Events are posted on the site and categorized for easy navigation. Times and prices for shows are also displayed and viewers can register to keep a calendar of events and update their viewer profiles. By paying a small fee through PayPal, which is set by the broadcaster, they get access to the event and are able to join the audience from the comforts of their own home. They can also interact with each other using the chat system, powered by Disqus, during the event. Broadcasters get paid directly after the event through PayPal.

Comedy, music, sports, theatre, and training events are all currently available on the site, with new events being added every week. Instead of having to miss a sold out show or wait for months, sometimes even years, for a performer to come to a certain city, viewers are able to be a part of live events from wherever in the world they might be.

For broadcasters, especially those that have limited financial support in terms of reaching a larger audience, this platform will help them gain exposure while still getting paid to do what they love. Broadcasters simply need to set up a camera at their show to go live. The VidTime system is ready for any codecs and formats for the foreseeable future, uses complex bandwidth detection systems, and can work on any device and with any camera. It is also fully automated, making the live streaming process exceptionally easy for both broadcasters and viewers.

One of the main focuses of the company is community involvement and so each month VidTime supports a charitable cause or non-profit organization in a few ways. They feature the charity or non-profit on the VidTime Online site, broadcast any events held, and also donate a portion of the proceeds for that month to the organization.

Other broadcasters also have an option to donate a portion of their revenue as well. By removing the barriers of broadcasting to a larger audience, VidTime hopes to create a more open, free-market approach to events for viewers and performers.

Right now the company is still developing extra features and streamlining the process, but hopes to have full functionality in place by the end of 2014. VidTime Online has already held more than 20 events since its launch with viewers from over 25 countries taking part. By combining online broadcasting and online ticketing and offering a full-service option for users, VidTime Online hopes to take the streaming world by storm while helping performers and viewers connect in a new way.