Vidyard’s Culture is ‘Winning with Experience’

Creating a great experience is what drives the culture at Vidyard.

Right the middle of downtown Kitchener, with over 100 employees, Vidyard is the company that pioneered the video marketing category five years ago, and is now seeing that pay off by being an early market leader in an extremely exciting and high growth space.

Company culture is taken seriously at Vidyard. CMO Tyler Lessard says “It’s something that we think about and talk about on a weekly basis.”

“It’s a very high energy, dynamic culture within the company. We value the individuals and the experience they have at the organization. There’s also a great opportunity to really bring ideas in,” says Lessard. “We genuinely look for people who are going to bring new ideas into the business and help us grow. We’re still at that phase where everybody’s voice is heard.”

The culture value statement at Vidyard is “Win with Experience.”

“It all comes back to the experience we create for our customers, the experience we create for our partners, the experience for our employees, and the experience for the community here,” says Lessard.

Contributing to that experience for employees are competitive benefit packages and excellent perks: free onsite massages, snacks and drinks, daily catered lunches, and generous subsides for fitness, wellness, and continuous learning and development.

Fun is also a key ingredient of success and productivity. Vidyard hosts weekly social events, holiday celebrations, sports, and parties.

All of this occurs within a bright, open, casual office space, where meetings can occur at the hanging picnic table or creative discussions may take place in a foam pit.

“We want to create a great experience or our employees, and make sure being a part of Vidyard is something really rewarding,” says Lessard.

After raising $18 million in their Series B, putting their valuation close to $100 million, the company is hiring for sales and engineering positions.

“We’re in a phase where we’re continuously growing our sales team, so that’s something that’s important to us across both our commercial and enterprise sales groups,” says Lessard.