Famous Vancouver Chef Vikram Vij to Host Canada’s First Online Cook-along Today

Vikram Vij’s flagship South Granville restaurant has been packing in hungry customers for nearly 20 years. He’s won dozens of awards, been featured on television, and has fielded various offers to open restaurants around the world. His line of frozen entrees is available nationwide—a meal made by the man himself is not.

Today, Canadians from coast to coast will have an opportunity to enjoy the next-best thing. Vikram Vij is hosting a “cook-along,” a national first wherein a chef broadcasts his process online in realtime to guide curious cooks through making one of their dishes.

It’s being hosted by Cirillo’s Culinary Academy in Toronto. The broadcast will start at 3pm PST, so Vancouverites can have their appetites whetted while in the workplace (if their boss isn’t looking) and Torontonians can have their first freshly-made Vij’s meal right for suppertime.

Vij’s restaurant in Vancouver has always been about having a communal, almost familial experience. It’s an experience that Vij holds very dear to his heart–one of his deepest beliefs is in the need for families to dine together. The recipe that will be cooked today is literally called Vij Family Chicken Curry. It’s from Vij’s first cookbook, and it’s simple enough that family members should be able to help out with the cooking. Though what’s more essential in Vikram’s eyes is that family members help out with the eating.

“Eating together as a family is such an enriching experience,” says Vij, “I want to encourage families to cook together as well—and if I can spread the word of Indian cuisine at the same time, then I’m proud to do that.”

Amateur cooks can tweet their progress through the cooking at #VijCookLive. And while this is Canada’s first cook-along, it won’t be the last.