Virgin measures Canada’s mood, responds in kind with

Virgin Mobile Canada recently took stock of the collective mood of the nation, and the results are a solid “eek, things ain’t so good.” As a response, Virgin Mobile has created, a cheeky backhand to the economic malaise gripping not only the country but their core constituent of 17-35 year old consumers. The site is intended to show young people how to save money during what they term an “economic pause,” and also maintain a positive attitude in the face of ever increasing bad news concerning their wallets and job prospects.

Of course, Virgin isn’t just doing this out of altruism. Part of the campaign is aimed at pushing their low rates on mobiles and lack of access fees to consumers who are looking to save money any way they can. And to their credit, doing so while telling the recession where to go and what to do with itself once it gets there isn’t a bad way to promote their wares. In weeks to come Virgin will also be contacting bloggers and others to contribute to the site, so new media workers with a hankering for a cheap phone and a new platform for their views should take heed.