Google Lays 12 Virtual Easter Eggs: Here’s How to Find Them All



This year there are 12 virtual easter eggs laid by Google that internet users can hunt for.

Google suggests the easter eggs can only be hunted while using its Chrome browser, but that’s mostly just a sales pitch—a majority of the eggs still work in other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari. Some of the eggs are new, but most actually aren’t, with some in fact being several years old now. Still, they’re as fun as ever.

1. Tilt or Askew – Searching for tilt or askew in Google search will cause the results to be displayed at an angle.

2. Do a barrel roll – Searching for this phrase will cause the results to do just that and rotate 360 degrees.

3. Do the Harlem Shake – In YouTube, searching for do the harlem shake will cause the page to do the Harlem Shake.

4. Zerg rush – A search for zerg rush causes the Google “o”s to attack the page and eventually destroy the results. You can fight back by clicking on the “o”s to destroy them. At the end of the game the “o”s rearrange themselves into two capital “G”s to represent the acronym ‘good game.’

5. Kerning – Searching for kerning increases the spacing between every letter by one pixel in every instance of the word kerning.

6. Bacon Number – Based on the Hollywood game Six Degrees Kevin Bacon, typing any actor’s name followed by bacon number results in the actor’s bacon number. For the record, Drake’s bacon number is two.

7. Conways Game of Life – Searching for Conways Game of Life produces the life simulation by the British mathematician John Horton Conway.



8. Woodchucks – Using voice search, asking “how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood” results in a voice response of “A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”

9. Google in 1998 – A search for Google in 1998 produces results in the style of the 1998 Google search results page.

10. PRIDE – In Google Drive, populating spreadsheet cells A1-E1 with the letters P,R, I, D, E will change the spreadsheet colours to that of the gay pride flag.

11. Use the force, Luke – In YouTube, searching for Use the force, Luke adds a hovering effect to the results, inspired by the Jedi Force from Star Wars.

12. Fibonacci – A YouTube search for fibonacci arranges the results in a tiled pattern similar to the mathematical sequence of the same name.