Vision Critical launches ReactionPlus testing platform

Yesterday Vancouver’s Vision Critical launched ReactionPlus – a game changing approach to audio and video testing. Researchers can now measure reaction to audio and video content on multiple dimensions, second-by-second and with rapid results. 

ReactionPlus has been developed for content producers who need an efficient, cost-effective way of vetting a regular stream of content and has been beta tested with some of the world’s top media brands. 

Jason Smith, President, Product Innovation, says ReactionPlus was developed in response to conversations with Vision Critical media clients, “It is hard to manage audience testing cost effectively and with clear enough insights to make the big decisions quickly.  Where did the audience get confused? What was the most amusing and why? Were they bored, engaged, or annoyed at that point or this point? Our clients wanted those answers, quickly and inexpensively, and from thousands of people across different parts of the world.”

The new testing tool captures respondent feedback across up to ten different dimensions to create a richer view of which feelings are being triggered throughout the programming. ReactionPlus can pinpoint whether calls to action are being noticed, if the laughs are coming in the right places, or if design elements are distracting more significant messages

Founded in 2000, Vision Critical is led by the North American research authority, Dr. Angus Reid.

According to Vision Critical investor Wellington Financial, the company celebrated record profits in 2009 and Reid is predicting “another jump in revenue for 2010″. Wellington Financial provided growth and working capital financing for Vision Critical in October 2006 and again in September 2007. Telus Ventures is the only other institutional money that Vision Critical has raised.