Voice 4 Toronto – a new social media space for Toronto

This Friday will see the launch in Toronto with a brand new social media space.  

YRAL and DigitalDip are set to launch the unique Toronto focused social media hub on July 16th at the Center for Social Innovation.

The space is called VO4TO which means Voice 4 Toronto.  It will allow Torontonians to communicate with each other, in real time, over multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, in one place. Users of the free online utility would also be able to share information about their neighbourhoods, community issues and civic challenges that they may face on a daily basis.

The current focus of VO4TO is to help Torontonians gain further insight about the 2010 municipal elections by collaborating public opinion with the opinions of the candidates that are regularly posted on their respective social media channels.

MK Abbas is the founder of YRAL:

We want to empower people to communicate with each other about topics of interest independent of the social media platform.  We see popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as the core building blocks of open online communication. We are taking the approach of developing applications using these building blocks as the foundation to allow people to share thoughts across the social spectrum about issues that matter to them.

Faisal Anwar is the founder of Digital Dip:

We need a new social narrative, a new way to look at news and a new way to enable community participation in shaping our cities. With VO4TO citizens can not only experience all that’s happening in their city in real time, but can also contribute to city’s evolution.

To RSVP for the event and for any additional information please contact MK Abbas at mka@y-ral.com.