Voices.com Now Working with Verizon

Toronto’s Voices.com announced today that they have partnered with VoodooVox to give advertisers a variety of voices to choose from with their international marketplace for In-Call Media.

VoodooVox’s In-Call Ad Marketplace allows advertisers to easily create audio advertisements quickly and within their budget. By partnering with Voices.com, VoodooVox has integrated Voices.com’s network of 30,000 voice talent professionals directly into the service. Most importantly, this give advertisers access to the same voices that power the campaigns of brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

The impact of this news doubled with the Verizon’s follow-up announcement that their 1-800-THE-INFO business-directory assistance service has added the VoodooVox In-Call Media platform to it’s offering.

When callers make a free call to 1-800-THE-INFO from any phone and use voice search to find local businesses, they first hear a brief ad from an advertiser interested in reaching local consumers. To date businesses have been able to advertise on 1-800-THE-INFO service by uploading their own pre-recorded announcements. Now they can create new ones quickly using Voices.com’s voice-over actors through the VoodooVox self-service interface.

There’s a great write-up by Grant Buckler in the Globe and Mail today about how London-based startup Voices.com is taking advantage of cloud computing.

The site runs on servers hosted by Rackspace U.S. Inc., a Texas company, and its thousands of audio files are stored on Amazon.com’s Simple Storage Service (S3). And Voices uses Salesforce.com — a customer relationship management system that runs on the Web — to manage its sales and marketing efforts.

Mr. Ciccarelli says relying heavily on outside computing power — the company has Apple Macintosh desktop computers, but no servers — saves money and eliminates the hassle of maintaining its own systems.

“For small businesses,” he says, “it’s the perfect solution.”

The idea of paying for what you use rather than having to install enough capacity to support peak requirements is key benefit for a startup and the big argument for cloud computing. Voices.com has taken advantage of that as well as eliminaing the need for in-house technical expertise and spreading out operating costs spread over time.

Voices.com is currently #10 on the PEER 1 Toronto Startup Index.

Toronto-based Voices.com launched their redesigned website today and looks (& sounds) pretty good. Voices.com is an online workplace where business owners can go to audition and hire the freelance professionals they need to get voice-over recordings done. Site improvements include:

  • Voice talent profiles with biography information, audio samples and a history of feedback from previous jobs.
  • An online store where buyers can purchase bundled audio services, such as a commercial or video narration.
  • A powerful search engine to locate voice talent by keyword, gender, voice ages, languages and union status.
  • A streamlined escrow service that guarantees the satisfaction of buyers.

The Web seems like the perfect home for the voice over industry. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, marketing executives, casting directors and voice talent agencies can easily search for and hire language service providers such as translators, narrators and professional voice over talents in a fraction of the time they did 20 years ago.