Voices Begins Execution of Global Strategy, Opens to Latin American Market

Since 2004, London, Ontario-based Voices.com has been connecting voice talents with exciting projects. The site caters to two groups: professionals looking for jobs as voice actors and those seeking talented voice actors. From advertising agencies to video producers, a quality voice actor can do wonders for the end product.

But with a shift in the industry and advancement in technology, both parties are discovering new avenues of finding jobs and talents. Voices.com has been one of the first to pioneer the new way of doing business online.

Now customers can use Voices in Latin American Spanish; the company recently announced that users speaking Latin America Spanish will be able to search, audition and hire voice-over talent in their native tongue. Likewise, voice actors who prefer to use the Spanish site will be able to feature their talent and audition for voice-over jobs in a way that best suits them.

Clients seeking voice talents with Voices.com can access the self-service posting that allows them to highlight the talents they are looking for. By stating key details such as language, gender, age range and some artistic direction (cowboy, teacher, accent, etc.), Voices.com takes the gathered information and matches it with a thousand of profiles on the website. Using an algorithm, Voices.com’s software will then select the perfect candidates for the job. From there the selected actors can audition for the role.

CEO David Ciccarelli says he chose the Latin American market because of the business opportunities it affords for voice-over work.

“Over the last several years, we’ve embraced a vision of going global, mobile and social,” he explained. “With Voices.com’s mobile and social presence well established, now is the time to execute on our global strategy.”