Voovo Meets Growing Demand for 3D Printing with Crowdsourcing Platform

Voovo is aiming to solve one of the biggest problems facing the 3D printing industry today: most people don’t own 3D printers.

Although there are over 10 million designs available online for printing, each design requires the customer to have access to one of these costly devices. With only slightly over 100,000 3D printers sold in 2014, creating a customized model was still out of reach for the average individual, until now.

The Toronto startup allows customers requiring 3D printed models to quickly crowdsource job quotes from a community of passionate 3D printer owners. The platform also enables anyone who has a 3D printer to become a full-service 3D printing studio that can personalize, print, and ship models around the world.

“Professional 3D printing studios are extremely skilled and technically advanced, and can therefore justify charging higher rates,” explains cofounder Chris Gray. “But, not all 3D printing jobs require the same level of skill and attention to detail. We leave it up to them to decide what is most important: price, quality, or printer rating.”

“We started Voovo for two reasons,” says cofounder Phillip Raffi. “The first was to connect people who have 3D printers with people who are willing to pay a fair price for a 3D printed item. The second was to help individuals make money by using their 3D printers.”

The Voovo team works out of the Digital Media Zone incubator at Ryerson University in Toronto.