Vortex Connect launches mobile productivity tool

Vortex Connect recently launched Mobile Manager Connect (MMC).  MMC is a smartphone-enabled technology that allows organizations to greatly improve the productivity of managers, therefore, reducing labor costs and improving customer service.

Neil Grunberg is the VP of Sales and Marketing for Vortex Connect:

Working with organizations across industries, a trend that permeates throughout, is managers having to approve timecards so that payroll can be closed out on time.  Given the demands on their time, many managers often leave this to the very end of the pay period, leading to hours of back-office work, payroll department overtime, errors and oversights because the manager is rushing to meet his/her payroll deadline.  MMC eliminates this problem because managers can approve timesheets on their hand-held device throughout the day. MMC takes a time-consuming, error-prone process and makes it quick, easy and accurate.

For more information on Vortex and Mobile Manager Connect please visit www.vortexconnect.com.