Wajam helps you search with a little help from your friends

If you’re feeling overloaded looking through your friends’ social media feeds for content relevant to you, Montreal start-up Wajam has a solution: just open up Google.

Wajam is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer that adds your friends’ social media feeds to search results. If you search Google, Bing or Yahoo for, say, “why the Boston Bruins suck,” you’ll get results at the top of the search page from friends’ relevant social media posts. Mostly from your Montreal friends, I’m guessing.

Posts from Delicious, Twitter and Facebook are searchable on Wajam (as of now) and you can even share bookmarks that can be searched by friends for their own results. Fortunately, the level of sharing you do with bookmarks is very controllable; you can share all, none or some of them chosen individually. That way you can share bookmarks that will be relevant to your friends, but at the same time you can keep your, ahem, more embarrassing bookmarks private.

The slogan for Wajam is fitting: “Great minds search alike.” It makes sense that you’d trust the restaurant reviews of a friend over some random person on Dine Here. Searching for information on social networks is a great way to add ethos to the information you’re finding.

Wajam is currently in private beta, but you can apply for an invite here.