Want to get your wife pregnant? Avoid putting laptops on your lap: Studies

Most people own a laptop these days, so it’s a little unnerving when multiple studies suggest that excessive laptop use may affect your sperm quality.

Quoth The Province, which cites two studies with similar findings:

Being close to heat or other radiation from the devices seems to undermine the quality of sperm in some instances, possibly hindering fertility as a result, research from Toronto and Argentina concluded.

The Canadian study found that sperm exposed in a laboratory to a laptop computer had lower levels of motility – the capacity to squirm toward eggs and start the reproductive process – than unexposed sperm.

The Argentine research, presented this week at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Denver, found reductions in motility and potentially more serious DNA damage for sperm kept close to a laptop – and suggested WiFi radio waves were to blame.

Dr. Sergey Moskovtsev, a male-fertility expert at the helm of the study at Toronto’s CReATe fertility clinic, says he suspects that computers are one of a number of factors in modern life that are feeding high levels of infertility.

“It’s our culture right now. Everything is computerized, you shop by going online, you can go to school online,” he told the paper. “I think it has to be a healthy balance between the virtual world and reality…. Right now, it’s really over the top, the use of computers.”

Both studies used diferent samples and different methods, yet arrived in very similar places.

Scientists speculate that keeping the laptops in WiFi mode “on the lap near the testes may result in decreased male fertility.”