Want to work with a social media rockstar? Become the Executive Assistant to @HootSuite CEO @Invoker

Ryan Holmes founded Invoke Media in January 2000. Exactly a decade later, in January 2010, HootSuite was born. Ryan Holmes was, and still is, at the helm of the social media dashboard that has become a massive Vancouver success story.

Everyone wants to work for HootSuite, which we recently named Canada’s number one startup. And you certainly have the opportunity—they’re hiring like crazy.

But one position with the company stands out in particular—Executive Assistant. Now, the word “assistant” doesn’t always leave the best impression, but the opportunity here is tremendous. This EA would directly support the CEO, Ryan Holmes, and the stuff you could learn from his experience and success is sky-high. 

Ryan is looking for someone familiar with the tech industry and social media and possesses an “allergy to boredom.” You’ll have to endure a few mundane tasks—book flights, manage a calendar, and “assist with filing when needed”—but on the whole, you’ll be the go-to guy for one of Vancouver’s top entrepreneurs, a true social media rockstar. Definitely worth considering. 

Photo credit: Vancouver Is Awesome