WAR: Microsoft Directly Attacks Google in New Ad [VIDEO]

It’s a war of the tech titans. The “Don’t Be Evil” Google, which has been taking a lot of flack during the past year for questionable activity—most recently circumventing Apple’s Safari settings—seems to be getting under the skin of its biggest enemies these days. While the battle with Apple in the mobile space is far from over, the search engine giant must now contend with Microsoft’s latest round of attacks as well: an ad campaign that takes pretty obvious shots at the company’s practices. 

Following up its release of Gmail Man three weeks ago, Microsoft has now published Googlighting on YouTube as well. The second video urges watchers to “Beware the Googlighting Stranger.” In the video, the stranger offers a very flawed sales pitch as he tries to sell a fictional company productivity software. But Microsoft believes that’s no space for an advertising business to be in.

However, it does appear that most viewers are taking Google’s side on this issue. Gmail Man has about 50% dislikes, while Googlighting has closer to two-thirds dislikes. And some commenters are accusing Microsoft of deleting popular negative comments.

But while Microsoft is thus far losing this battle, the war is a different story. Google isn’t exactly loved by the government these days, who has had to keep constant tabs on the company due to the overwhelming wealth of data it harvests from hundreds of millions of users, and the media has been have a field day covering the company’s numerous recent flops, such as pushing Google+ on Google users and allowing its social network to litter search results.