Watch World War II Unfold in Real-Time on Twitter

One of history’s most eventful times is being reborn—or should we say retweeted—in real-time.

Twitter is home to RealTimeWWII, the genius product of Alwyn Collinson’s creative mind. A fresh graduate of Oxford University (in Renaissance history), Alwyn concocted the idea of real-time tweeting the events of Adolf Hitler’s devastating campaign for world domination.

The plot began at the very end of August. Initially, following was slow, but slowly picked up. By late September, the account garnered 10,000 followers. Earlier this month, that number had climbed to 45,000. Now, with growth accelerating, the account has over 144,000 followers. And with years left to go in the project, it could wind up with several million more.

Alwyn originally relied on Google and some mainstream books for facts and information, but his growing fanbase have begun eagerly assisting him with extra sources to maximize the detail and accuracy of this massive undertaking. For him, it’s just about having a fulfilling hobby and educating the public on history. For many, it will be something deeper and more meangingful. And for social media, it is a testament to the power and potential of its creative and educational uses.

Remember, in the words of TwHistory, “Those who forget history are doomed to re-tweet it.”