Waterloo-based startup Giftopia helps to eliminate re-gifting

Giftopia logoDid you catch your mother-in-law re-gifting that scarf you got her last holiday season? Ouch. Waterloo-based startup Giftopia wants to help make sure that never happens again. Giftopia is a social gifting application available on your computer, iPhone or Android-powered Smartphone. The company just launched in November – right on time for the holiday season.

Giftopia is a cross-platform tool which allows users to create their own gift registries for any occasion. Got a birthday coming up? Why not go to a local store and take photos or scan the bar codes of your favourite items to store online for your friends to see and purchase. The company has made it easy to add gifts, simple to add your favourite stores and brands and fast and easy to share your gift lists with your friends.

On your computer, you can use Giftopia to: add your likes, your favourite stores, product descriptions, preferred sizes, colours, and more to your gift list. You can also create a private list for a special occasion such as a Wedding or Baby shower.

On your Smartphone, you can use Giftopia to: manage your gift lists on the go, invite people to join you using the contacts in your Smartphone’s address book, and snap a picture or bar code of the things you like from inside your favourite stores.

The founder of Giftopia, Randy Bird, is a serial entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience running his own businesses. He was inspired to create Giftopia because he was having a hard time finding the right gifts for family and friends, and wanted to make the entire gift shopping experience easier.

Bird didn’t have much experience in working in mobile technology prior to launching Giftopia. “That’s why he enlisted a lot of great mobile developers and business people,” says Matt Duench, Director of Sales and Marketing at Giftopia.

While there are a lot of gift registry products on the market, Duench says that Giftopia stands out because “no one offers the full breadth of platforms and occasions that we offer. There are lots of wedding and baby registries out there, but our platform enables you to store all of your registries in one place, for any occasion.”

Giftopia is currently available on the Android phone and iPhone. The company is launching on Blackberry next week.

“We are really excited about the launch. Right now, we’re gathering a lot of controlled feedback from our users to find out how we can make our product as easy as possible to use – and fun as well,” says Duench.

Watch this video to learn how to use Giftopia.