Waterloo hosts EPIC EpCon 2010 event

Featuring technology giants Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Research in Motion EpCon 2010 got off to an EPIC start Friday night.  However, the stars of the conference were not these juggernauts.

It was the 200 plus students who gathered to pick the minds of today’s technlogy leaders in the hope to one day be one of them. 

Over the next few days I hope to be able to collect my thoughts, notes and videos and share with all of you the wonderful things that are taking place in the Waterloo area.  ept

EPIC and EpCon is more than just about a cool gathering of students involved in technology.  One takeaway I got is that here was a student-led body that is focused on Inspiring and Connecting todays students to be tomorrow’s technology leaders.  Andnot the tomorrow in terms of maybe the next decade.  I’m talking about the tomorrow of next week.

For example, without even trying I met one student who was already working with a mobile start-up company and another Waterloo student who is literally one of the most connected people in Silicon Valley.  Yes, you read that right.

So keep your eyes peeled here for a bunch of posts over the next few days as Techvibes brings to you some of the discussions and personalities of EpCon 2010.

Finally, congratulations to all the organizers and sponsors of EpCon 2010.  And a special heartfelt thanks to my official host Faraz Syed, Event Media Coordinator.

I welcome your comments and suggestions!