Waterloo Professor Larry Smith’s Talk Eclipses 237,000 Views After Being Featured on TED Home Page

In November, Techvibes contributor Prashanth Gopalan ran the TEDxUW conference at the University of Waterloo.

Yesterday, Professor Larry Smith made the TED home page and his video on “Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career” according to Gopalan has received over 237,000 worldwide hits including nearly 100,000 on YouTube.

Smith is an economics and entrepreneurship professor at the University of Waterloo that has had a three-decade career where he’s won the Distinguished Teacher Award. Further he has been linked to helping Research In Motion succeed, sits on advisory panels for startups, helps with creative career management, and coaches and mentors students on how to make their businesses successful among other things.

He speaks of the edgy dichotomy between a “good career” and a “great one” in his TED talk.