Waterloo start-up introduces BlackBerry wristwatch

Last week images of the eagerly anticipated BlackBerry watch appeared on the popular CrackBerry fan site.

Turns out the idea of a watch that mimics your BlackBerry that wasn’t that far-fetched. Today in Waterloo, Allerta Inc announced the inPulse wristwatch for BlackBerry. The inPulse is a watch that connects wirelessly to your phone by Bluetooth, instantly alerting you of incoming emails, SMS and calls. inPulse extends the functionality of your BlackBerry smartphone, so when you’re in a pinch you can check your inPulse instead of fumbling around with your phone.

Great timing considering the wave of legislation coming across Canada to ban use of cellphones while driving.

A limited first edition inPulse watch can be pre-ordered right now for US$149 at www.freeupyourhands.com.

Allerta Inc. is a consumer electronics start-up out of Waterloo, focused solely on creating cutting edge mobile accessories that mesh perfectly with smartphones and a mobile lifestyle.