Waterloo startup TribeHR aims to better the field of human resources for small businesses

TribeHRTribeHR is a “small team of web enthusiasts and entrepreneurs that want to make the field of human resources better for small businesses.”

The Waterloo-based startup was founded in 2009 with these goals:

  1. Simplify and automate much of the drudgery people associate with HR
  2. Give employees more control over their relationship with their employer
  3. Make HR less about the numbers, and more about the people

If you let us automate and simplify the boring, nit-picky, and frustrating details of managing your employees, then your time can be better spent working on attracting, retaining, and growing the best team members.

Here are some of TribeHR’s highlights:

  • Notes for managers, and kudos to share with employees. If you post a Kudo for an employee or co-worker, it’s fed into a company-wide news feed for all staff to see.
  • Goal alignment for the organization means not only does TribeHR track your goals and how well you’re progress, but on the same page where you review your own goals, you can see the shared goals of your supervisor, your colleagues, and your subordinates. This makes it much easier to create goals that are aligned to those around you, and to help others with their goals.
  • A shared company calendar shows when people are on approved vacation, so you can always see your own available balance, but also your co-workers time off so you can plan around it, rather than relying on your manager to keep track of it all.
  • Anonymous peer feedback lets you ask questions privately of your co-workers, and receive their feedback without knowing who said what. This gives you open and honest feedback that you can use to improve.
  • Private job sites are created when your company posts new jobs to hire. Not only does the system automatically create a job board and applicant tracking system for the company, but all jobs are listed on your dashboard, with easy links for you to share the job posts via email, FaceBook, Twitter and more.

It’s always refreshing to see startups innovating human resources, because as important an aspect of an organization as it is, it’s often underrepresented or neglected. Power to the Tribe.