Waterloo students launch TwitVid

TwitVid.com announced today the launch of their video uploading application for the Apple iPhone 3GS. The company also announced that TwitVid.com users can automatically broadcast their videos and tweets to their Facebook, MySpace and YouTube profiles by simply setting their preferences on the TwitVid.com website via the new AutoShare feature.

Using TwitVid.com’s patent-pending Instant Media Engine, the application delivers the fastest upload time possible, allowing Twitter followers and other social network friends to begin viewing the video even before the uploading process is complete. TwitVid.com does this through the synchronous uploading and downloading of video files within the Instant Media Engine which intelligently adjusts to network performance and determines when viewing can begin based on when a quality viewing experience can be guaranteed. The result is the fastest possible delivery of high-quality video tweets.

Of course, other app providers (and YouTube) offer a way to post recorded videos to Twitter, but there are typically long delays before a viewer can watch it. TwitVid.com claims to offer the ability to upload and view the video sooner than any other app.

TwitVid.com was created by EatLime, Inc., a company founded in 2008 by Waterloo University students Mo Adham and Adil Lalani in their dorm room. The TwitVid app is availble at the Apple App Store.