Waterloo’s Allerta inPulse launches high-tech BlackBerry watch

The concept of a smartwatch seems simple enough in theory, but it’s difficult to execute well in practise. Doing it best, perhaps, is Waterloo’s Allerta and their inPulse team of designers and engineers.

After months of beta, they recently launched the Allerta inPulse BlackBerry watch. It’s open source—imagine a watch you can build apps for—and boasts a broad range of features, including a notification system that can connect to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth, as well as display text messages, emails, and things like the weather.

However, the interface is several notches below beautiful, reminiscent of older dumb phones… but it is only a watch, after all.

The watch is available in silver for $150 and anodized black for $200.

Photo credit: TNerd