Waterloo’s Areyon builds Scout, an unmanned aerial vehicle helping Libyans fight for freedom

Libyan rebels have been using Scout, an unmanned aerial vehicle built by Waterloo’s Aeryon Labs Inc., in their fight for freedom.

The Aeryon Scout is a small, easy-to-fly man-packable flying robotic reconnaissance system design for operation in real-world, harsh conditions. It weighs just 3 pounds, packs into a suitcase or a backpack and can be quickly and easily deployed and operated by soldiers in the field. Instead of using joysticks, the Scout uses a map-based, touch-screen interface that allows new users to pilot the system in just minutes. The Scout essentially flies itself allowing the operator to focus on acquiring imagery.

In cooperation with the Zariba Security Corporation and the Libyan Transitional National Council, Libyan troops were trained in-country on the use of the Aeryon Scout UAV.

“After only one demonstration flight, the TNC soldiers operated the following flight,” said Charles Barlow of Zariba. “I was amazed how easy it was to train people with no previous UAV or aircraft experience, especially given the language barrier. Soldiers need tough, intuitive equipment—and the Scout delivered brilliantly. The system has been operating perfectly, with no incidents—quite impressive for those familiar with the statistics of other small UAVs in operational theatres.”

The Scout was designed for desert operation, such as this use in Libya, able to operate in temperatures up to +50C and in sandy or wet conditions. Defence acquisitions by and for use in other Middle Eastern countries are in process.

Visit the photo gallery for more photos from Scout operations in Libya.

Aeryon Labs  provides robotic solutions to real-world problems through the design and manufacture of best-in-class small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and related systems. Zariba is a private security firm providing its clients with the goods & services they require to operate effectively in hostile environments.